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The life of the modern Australian hunter. The Season is a 8 part observational documentary series following the day to day lives of modern Australian hunters as they prepare and begin for their hunting season. We follow each of them on their journey to experience nature as a participant and tell each of their stories about WHY they hunt and the importance to each of them to get closer to where their food comes from and take responsibility for providing clean, free-range organic meat for themselves and their families. They will take us through their thought process and describe the key point in their lives they decided to make this change.



Khanh Ongs Wild Food is a unique travel/food/adventure series that mixes Wild Food, adventure and a hint of glamour. This first season is all about Our Host, Khanh Ong’s adventures in the lush and diverse landscape of the continent of Australia. These locations have never been showcased in this way before. Khanh Ong is well known for his television work in Australia as one of the country’s favourite Master Chef Australia contestants and was also crowned a Survivor Australia Fan-Favourite. Now, for the first time, He is taking his survival skills, love for travel and food on the road in Khanh Ongs Wild Food. Khanh is passionate about the people and places of Australia, but he wants to take this passion to another level.

10x1 hour

We will explore the conservation side of hunting, the benefits it has for the individual physically and mentally. Each of our hunters is different in many ways BUT they all do have something in common. They are passionate about conservation and the environment and how we are connected in a primitive way to the land through our DNA encoded into our blood from our ancestors.Each of the hunters are from different states in Australia and live normal lives. Some live in rural areas while others in the city. They have jobs, families and all have different levels of skill when it comes to bushcraft. While they are all hunters they have different reasons for hunting game for meat.

Khanh is known for his glamourous side but in this series he will be stepping out of his comfort zone and taking his designer outfits to some of the Wildest places in Australia. With fire smoke in his eyes and freshly caught fish from Shark infested waters, this series will be sure to test our hosts chutzpah and not to mention his culinary knowledge. Australia, with its remarkable biodiversity and wide range of cultures served as the perfectlocation for the show’s first season, in which the Wild Food crew search for interesting places, indulge in indigenous delicacies, interact with locals and partake in the most extreme or sophisticated of activities. Our Energetic, cheeky and glamorous host guides audiences to some of the most remarkable and rugged places; Sometimes with a bit of hesitancy.

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